Buzz starred as Cliff Clavin
in the US national tour of...

Buzz Roddy (Cliff) & Barry Pearl (Coach) 
"The cast chemistry is magnificent! Cliff Clavin, portrayed by Buzz Roddy, cracked me up with his ‘little known facts’ delivered the only way Cliff knows how – awkwardly and dead serious. I highly recommend this show, which that had me laughing – and cheering throughout the entire performance."​

           —Stacey L. Crawley
               Showbiz Chicago

"[Buzz Roddy as] Cliff Clavin ("Hooray!”)…[a]skilled character player and I found [him] very funny and… exceptionally adept at walking that tricky line between impersonation — and original interpretation."

           — Chris Jones
                Chicago Tribune

"The cast is terrific… Buzz Roddy… has the pseudo superiority, hiding a latent inferiority complex, and the same strong Bostonian accent and pronunciation of Cliff Clavin."

          — Colin Douglas

"...I came prepared to hate it and left cheering. And dumbfounded. How did they do it? “Cheers Live On Stage” may be a facsimile, but it managed to capture the essence of what made that Emmy- and Golden Globe Award-winning series work, an alchemical brew that still makes us want to keep going back to the bar where everyone knows your name.. Buzz Roddy embodied postman Cliff Clavin's wacky pedantry..."

           — Joyce Kulhawik
               WBUR - Boston
Sarah Sirota (Carla);  Barry Pearl (Coach);  Buzz Roddy (Cliff) 

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